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Expert advice

We have designed beautiful plans to help you get started on a lovely new addition to your lawn. Whether you’re looking to lure colorful butterflies to your window, or simply want to enjoy the delightful flavor of fresh herbs, our plans are a great place to start.

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Decorative Plants Plate

Butterfly Habitat Design

  • Identify the butterfly’s native to your area.
  • Assess the yard or garden space in its present state, noting trees, shrubs & herbaceous flowering plants that are a food source for butterflies & caterpillars
  • Select a variety of plant which will attract butterflies to your garden. Include a selection of
    larval foods and adult nectar plants.
  • Locate the garden in full sun or an arca that receives at 4 hours of sunlight.
  • Provide a windbreak or screen of trees, shrubs or a fence to block excessive wind.
  • Plan for continuous bloom throughout the butterfly season, February through November.
  • Use groups of plants to display splashes of color to attract more butterflies.
  • Plant single flower varieties which are easier for butterflies to nectar upon.
  • To encourage butterfly visitation, include a water source for puddling or rotting fruit for the sap feeding butterflies.
  • Avoid pesticide use in or near the garden.
  • Record your butterfly visitors taking note of the plants that appear to be their favorite nectar sources.

Food Sources For Butterfly Larva

  1. Paper Kite – South America
  2. Orange Longwing – Passion Flowers
  3. The Clipper – South America
  4. Hackberry Emperor – Hackberry trees
  5. Skipper – Grass varieties
  6. Monarch – Milkweeds
  7. Tiger Swallowtail – Ash, Black Cherry
  8. Giant Swallowtail – Citrus trifoliate Orange, Hops
  9. Spice Bush Swallowtail – Bay Laurel, Spice Bush
  10. Checkered White – Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Wild Mustards
  11. Red Admiral – Nettle & False Nettle
  12. Variegated Fritillary – Passion Flower, Violets, Pansies, Flax, Purslane, Stonecap
  13. Gulf Fritillary – Passion Flower
  14. Black Swallowtail – Dill, Fennel, Rue
  15. Checkered Skipper – Hollyhock, Marsh Mallow, Tall Winecup
  16. Broken Dark Skipper – Panicum grasses
  17. Giant Southern White – Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli
  18. Gray Hairstreak – Senna, Bluebonnet, Clover, Rose of Sharon, Tall Winecup
  19. Cloudless Sulfer – Senna
  20. Little Sulfur – Bluebonnet, Senna
  21. Question Mark – Elms, Hackberry
  22. Painted Lady – Thistles, Mallows and many others
  23. Buckeye – Snapdragons, Ruellia, Plantain, Toad Flax
  24. Queen – Milkweeds
  25. Tawny Emperor – Hackberries

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