We understand the joy of gifting and the importance of finding the perfect present. That’s why we’ve sourced the best gifts, ensuring that each item reflects our signature expert service. From decorative pieces to functional tools, our gifts are a testament to our dedication to excellence.


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At Nicholson-Hardie, we believe that the ambiance of a space is defined by its smallest details. Our collection of candles is designed to elevate your surroundings, infusing them with the gentle glow of nature’s beauty.


Explore our exquisite collection of containers. Handcrafted designs meet functionality, providing plants with stylish homes. Elevate your space with our pots, where nature’s beauty meets crafted elegance. Nicholson-Hardie — where our containers complement plant perfection.


Dive into Nicholson-Hardie’s realm of entertaining essentials. From home decor to party must-haves, our collection promises memorable gatherings. Elevate every occasion.

Bath & Body

Experience the luxury of Nicholson-Hardie’s Bath & Body collection. Immerse in botanical infusions that rejuvenate, nourish, and calm. Our product lines harness the power of plants to deliver organic indulgence.

Lavish your skin with nature’s finest. From aromatic bath oils to moisturizing botanical lotions, our range offers a spa-like retreat. Let us transport you to a world of natural opulence and self-care.

Decorative Accessories & Apparel

Clothing, footwear, pajamas, and more. We offer a wide variety of apparel and decorative accessories to create your one-of-a-kind style! We aim for quality, comfort, and connection. You’ll feel right at home browsing our collection and bringing Nicholson-Hardie into your home.


We offer local delivery for any product purchased at our stores. And, we ship gift and accessories products as well

Can’t come to us, or can’t take your purchases with you? No problem. We can select the high-quality plants and merchandise you have come to expect from Nicholson-Hardie for delivery to your doorstep.

Let your loved ones pick their own gift! Plants, seeds, pajamas, scarves, candles, lotions and potions, floral arrangements, garden tools, and much, much more! Send a NH gift card!