Remedies & Tools

Discover Nicholson-Hardie’s array of remedies and tools, curated for the dedicated gardener. From organic solutions tackling pests to precision tools ensuring plant care, we provide all you need for a thriving garden. Equip yourself with our range, and let every plant flourish under your attentive care.



Step into Nicholson-Hardie’s realm of garden tools, where quality meets function. Our hand-selected range ensures both novice and expert gardeners are well-equipped. From ergonomic trowels to precision pruners, our tools lay the foundation for every green endeavor.

Elevate your gardening skills with our advanced tools, designed for precision and longevity. Whether you’re cultivating delicate bonsais or tending to sprawling landscapes, Nicholson-Hardie provides instruments that not only simplify tasks but also enhance the joy of gardening. Embrace the craft with the finest tools in hand.

Plant food

Feed your green treasures with our premium plant food collection. Designed to nourish, strengthen, and invigorate, our blends cater to various plant needs. From blooming flowers to lush foliage, ensure optimal growth and vitality.

Dive into a world where nutrition meets nature, and witness your plants thrive with Nicholson-Hardie’s specialized care formulations.


Protect your garden’s vibrancy with Nicholson-Hardie’s range of effective remedies. Expertly formulated to combat pests without harming beneficial insects, our solutions prioritize plant health and safety.

Safeguard your green haven from unwanted invaders and ensure a thriving, pest-free environment. Trust in Nicholson-Hardie: where eco-conscious care meets potent defense.

Plants Pesticide

Expert Advice

We are also here to teach you how to care for your new flowers or show you how to create the perfect combination of plants for your interior or outdoor spaces.

Delivery on our own trucks any product purchased in our stores

Can’t come to us, or can’t take your purchases with you? No problem. We can select the high-quality plants and merchandise you have come to expect from Nicholson-Hardie for delivery to your doorstep.