Discover Nicholson-Hardie’s curated green haven: a diverse collection of plants, each telling nature’s tale. From hardy succulents to exotic blooms, our selection embodies beauty and sustainability. Embrace the tranquility and vibrancy of our green world with Nicholson-Hardie. Dive deep into the heart of nature’s masterpieces with us.

Indoor plants

There are generally two different ways to cultivate your green thumb: with indoor plants and with outdoor plants. Some people prefer outdoor gardening while others invest in turning their homes into exotic jungles.

Outdoor plants

Some individuals find pleasure in both outdoor and indoor gardening. Regardless of your preference, having a good understanding of caring for both indoor and outdoor plants is essential.

Nuanced Guzmania
Tulip Muscari
Monstera Obliqua


How to pick the right plant

Choosing the perfect plant at Nicholson-Hardie is an art. Consider light requirements, space, and care level. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, let our curated collection guide you. Dive into a world where each plant complements your space and thrives. Let nature’s beauty resonate uniquely with you.

Caladium Bicolor
Lady & Plants

How to care your plants

At Nicholson-Hardie, we believe every plant deserves the best care.

Essential Care
Begin with Watering: It’s not about frequency, but consistency. Ensure the soil is moist, not waterlogged. Next, Light: Identify if your plant desires sunlight, partial shade, or ambient light. Rotate them occasionally to promote even growth

Advanced Nurturing
Beyond basics lies mastery. Feeding: Enrich with quality fertilizer during growth spurts. Pruning: Regularly snip away dead or excess sections to maintain vibrancy. Pest Control: Be vigilant for uninvited guests. Use natural deterrents or specific treatments to protect your green friends. Dive deep and elevate your plant care with Nicholson-Hardie’s guidance.

Outdoor Trees & Shrubs

We present a curated selection of outdoor trees and shrubs, tailored to beautify and enrich your garden landscapes. Each specimen, from majestic trees to ornamental shrubs, is chosen for its resilience, splendor, and ability to transform outdoor spaces. Embellish your environment, provide natural shade, and create serene green nooks.

Dive into Nicholson-Hardie’s world of green giants and intricate shrubs to elevate your outdoor haven.


Nicholson-Hardie proudly showcases a collection of perennials, nature’s recurring gifts. These plants, celebrated for their ability to bloom year after year, offer sustained beauty and minimal fuss. Their resilient nature and diverse colors and forms make them a gardener’s dream.

With perennials, it’s all about the long game. Proper soil preparation, periodic feeding, and thoughtful watering ensure they thrive season after season. Explore our vast selection and let us guide you in crafting a garden that not only blossoms but endures, drawing admiring glances year-round.

Expert Advice

We are also here to teach you how to care for your new flowers or show you how to create the perfect combination of plants for your interior or outdoor spaces.

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