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Christmas Greenery & Wreaths Care Tips

Most greenery care tips are intuitive. Greenery, like any cut flower, has a definite freshness window. Some ideas that will help you broaden the window for your Christmas wreaths, heavy garland, roping and boughs are listed below.

  1. When you buy greenery make sure you buy the freshest available. If you are not going to use it right away it will need to be stored in a cool, moist (not wet) environment. Ideally place it in a totally shady place on the ground outside. If you buy garland or roping, unwind it with the best side up. From personal experience, we have had pieces that stayed on the ground into February and remained as fresh as the day purchased.
  2. OUTDOOR USE: Remember Dallas during the holidays is usually still warm with low humidity and drying winds. Homes that have a northern exposures with plenty of shade will be able to maintain greenery freshness into January. Eastern exposures will be the next best for maintaining freshness and of course southern or southwestern exposures can cause greenery to dry and discolor in a matter of days if there is direct sun and wind.
  3. INDOOR USE: Maintaining greenery freshness indoors depends on heat, dry air and direct sun exposures. All of these factors shorten the freshness window. The cooler you keep your house the longer your greenery will last. 70º versus 80º will make a big difference. Direct heat from vents can damage greenery too. Point vents away or close them altogether if possible. The less air movement directly on the greenery, the better. Shutter direct sunlight window exposures.
  4. PRODUCTS: We carry two products that prolong freshness. They are “Wilt Pruf” and “Cloudcover”. They are anti-transpirants that when applied correctly will slow down water loss, help maintain green color and reduce fire hazard. To apply spray your greenery, wreaths, boughs and Christmas tree thoroughly. Be sure to spray all leaf surfaces. Spray outdoors and allow to dry. Plan to spray at least one hour before you are ready to start decorating with your greenery.
  5. Fresh greenery branches or tips used in arrangements should be treated like any cut flower. Being woody, they need a fresh cut 1” to 2” above the original cut. Pound 1” to 3” up the stem with a hammer to allow the stem to take in more water when put into a container.
  6. Remember holly is extremely perishable. The Ilex (holly) without leaves, Possum Haw or Winterberry, will look better longer.

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