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We have designed beautiful plans to help you get started on a lovely new addition to your lawn. Whether you’re looking to lure colorful butterflies to your window, or simply want to enjoy the delightful flavor of fresh herbs, our plans are a great place to start.

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Christmas Tree care tips

The Goal — To assure the highest level of freshness possible. Cut Christmas Trees, like any flower, branch or stem brought indoors for us to enjoy, has a limited shelf life. What we do to enhance their environment can contribute to how long they stay fresh and attractive. Below are some tips we have used over the years to maintain cut Christmas Trees.

  1. Fresh cut 1 – 2 inches from bottom of stem (trunk). It may be necessary to choose a tree from the next height category in order to maintain the desired height while making a cut the length needed to allow water to be easily drawn-up. Nicholson-Hardie offers fresh cuts on all the trees from our nursery.
  2. Upon delivery or arriving home with your Christmas tree, stand or mount it immediately into a water holding container and add water. Use “Cloudcover” or “Wilt Pruf” as a foliage spray before bringing your tree indoors. Either product will prolong freshness, reduce fire hazard, enhance deep green color and reduce needle drop. Allow at least one hour of drying time before you begin decorating. Spray entire tree, branches, leaves (needles) thoroughly.
  3. Once in the home, add hot tap water. This is also a good time to add Christmas tree preservative products. The “Tree Moist Christmas Tree Granules” product is a highly absorbent crystal polymer that may be added to the water at a rate of 1 tsp. to each quart of water in your Christmas tree stand. “Tree Moist” reduces tree waterings, water spillage, needle drop and works well with tree preservatives.
  4. Check water daily. The “Watering Elf” funnel makes adding water easier by eliminating crawling under the tree.
  5. Placement of your tree in your home can make a big difference in it’s freshness staying power.
    • Place your tree away from strong direct sunlight; pull shades or blinds during the sunny part of the day if your tree is in a window.
    • Place your tree away from heating outlets/vents; if this cannot be managed close the vent or at the very least direct it away or up from the tree.
    • Keep room with tree cooler.
  6. Always turn your tree lights off when leaving your home and before retiring.

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